Freezing Kutchey Corn

  • Take corn, shuck it, rinse well under water and attempt to remove as much of the silk as possible.
  • Dry cobs with papertowel.
  • Cut kernels off of the cob into a big bowl.
  • Transfer the cut corn to a big pot with about 3 inches of water on the bottom.
  • Cook on medium heat and keep turning the corn JUST until the corn turns a bright yellow.
  • Dump blanched corn into a colander and rinse w/ very cold water to stop the cooking process.
  • Transfer drained and cooled corn to zip-lock freezer bags in your choice of size.
  • Date and freeze.

Tip: Laura uses a straw when closing the zip lock bags. She puts the straw into the zip lock bag at the top corner and when closing the bag, sucks the little bit of air out of the bag at the final closing. Less air, less freezer burn.

Kutchey Corn